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Design and Visualization

  Based on clients description we create a draft or 3D visualization. We hold multiple licenses to professional design software (CAD) we can perform quality control and eliminate any potential errors. Detailed visualizations allow to avoid unnecessary operations and verify the model. Creating drafts and visualizations is an important step before beginning any project.

Technical documentation creation

We create a technical documentation according to clients needs and description. Documentation consists of a detailed description of every single part which allows to manufacture each part in any manufacturing plant. While creating full documentation for each part, we create material lists of the parts for trade and production purposes. It speeds up the production process significantly.

Cost estimates

  We are conducting cost estimates for single parts as well as multi-thousand part systems. Basic on technical documentation, we evaluate what is the best approach to achieve most optimal price to quality ration and how fast a part can be manufactured. Based on client’s preferences we choose materials and technology for our price analysis.

Working with domestic and international clients

We work with both Polish domestic as well as international clients. Our cooperation with multiple manufacturers allows us to complete every, even most sophisticated project.

Contractor advisory

We recommend contractors and partners to our clients to offer them highest quality of work. We treat each project and client on case by case basis that is why we can recommend best partners possible. Before starting production we provide client with sample parts for initial review. It is a perfect opportunity to introduce quality control and corrections before going into mass production.

  Technical advisory

We help our clients choose what is the best technology to complete their projects with. Based on the budget we evaluate if manufacturing of such product is possible. Technology selection is a very important step it is wise to consult it with a specialist. Improperly managed production can cause final product to be significantly more expensive.